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This long skirt also can be worn as a dress. The garment features a beautiful kick at the hem for ease about the stage.

Combining glamour and comfort in a performance fashion essential, this skirt/dress packaged in a convenient travel bag has been designed to be worn many different ways or simply just as a skirt. 

The bag consists of one main body glove, two arm gloves and a body wrap that supports your power house and shows your beautiful body. The body glove is lined just above the knee which gives a nice firm appearance.

With no zippers or waist bands, the garment has the feel and comfort of yoga pants along with incomparable style and sophistication for stage performances.

To build a stage wardrobe, add the tank top, the shoulder top, twist top and the wrap jacket for unlimited style options.

One size fits most comfortably between sizes 6-16

The breathable bamboo fabric is soft and luxurious. Bamboo can effectively absorb and evaporate human perspiration. Bamboo hates bacteria and  75% of harmful bacteria will disappear after 24 hours in bamboo fabric, as bamboo fibers have natural antibacterial properties.

Sustainable, versatile and Canadian.

 94% Bamboo, 6% Lycra - Fabric is milled and dyed in Canada