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The vest is styles as a scarf.

This is the CLASSIC VEST that is worn as a scarf . Check our our video on how to make a vest into a scarf.

The vest is a perfect scarf that keeps you warm as well makes a classic statement. It can be worn from a classy dress over a top to a summer dress to a simple scarf. The perfect travel companion and the perfect balance between of comfort and style.

Ideal for four-season clothing, bamboo makes you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

One size fits most.

The breathable bamboo is soft and luxurious. Bamboo can effectively absorb and evaporate human perspiration. Bamboo hates bacteria and 75% of harmful bacteria will disappear after 24 hours in bamboo fabric as bamboo fibres have natural antibacterial properties.

Sustainable, versatile and Canadian.

94% Bamboo, 6% Lycra- Our fabric is milled and dyed in Canada


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