The #1 CONCERN for musicians.

The #1 CONCERN for musicians.

Posted by BellaBALAS on 2018 Apr 2nd


The #1 CONCERN for musicians is SWEATING!

Our clients have said that above all they need breathable fabrics that can slow down sweating and cool the body. They look for fabrics that don't create sweat marks. Fabric that moves moisture away from the their skin. A fabric that is comfortable and styles that are non restricting yet sophisticated for the stage.

Non-breathable fabrics cause more sweating because they are hot and don't allow air to circulate- it's actually like wearing a plastic bag under stage lights. The fabrics to avoid if you want to stop excess sweating and body odour are anything that is made with nylon, silk polyester or polyester blends. 

Styles to look for are bottoms that do not have tight waist bands, tops that do not restrict back and shoulder movement and sleeves that do not get in the way.

Black is a tricky color as not all blacks are the same. Under stage lights, each black takes on it's own under tone which can be a brown, blue or charcoal.

The best fabric to wear for comfort, color and style is black bamboo. The bellaBALAS concert wardrobe is made from 94% bamboo and 6 % lycra. The Bella BALAS bamboo fabric is milled in Canada and if properly maintained, the garments hold their form and color for a very long time.

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