In a short few weeks, spring will here. It brings not only warm weather but also a chance to freshen up your wardrobe. According to the latest news from Fashion Weeks, the prediction is that pastel colours will be at its peak this spring. One of our favourite pastel colour - TAUPE will be one of the trending colours.

Taupe Bamboo Wrap Jacket

Dress in a Bag

bellaBALAS has to offer a whole collection in taupe. Most favourite pieces by our customers are a Wrap Jacket, Dress in a Bag, Tank Top and Peek a Boo Skirt. Having these few clothing items can go a long a way to create different outfits you need for a week that will take you from Desk to Dusk.

Bamboo Tank Top Taupe


Taupe to its advantage is a neutral colour, and it will help you to create timeless outfits to your next business meeting or girl’s night out. This colour is essential to create a classic wardrobe for a strong working woman.