What Is a Convertible Wardrobe?

A convertible wardrobe is a collection of basic, functional clothing that will not go out of style. Each item should be functional and be compatible with the rest of the wardrobe.

An ideal capsule wardrobe will have a small number of quality items, higher-quality and longer-lasting than your average item of clothing. Fast fashion has no place in a capsule wardrobe.

Pack for one week. Having a core wardrobe that you can travel with will simplify your packing and your life.

The bellaBALAS combination gives you endless options for any occasion.

Pack in layers, not in bulk. Multiple thin layers are more versatile than one heavy layer.

Wear the right fabrics. Bamboo is expensive but good at repelling smells and regulating temperature. Bamboo fabrics are good at wicking sweat and do not hold on to odors.

Simplify your color palette. Keep your capsule wardrobe within a matching color palette so that you don’t have to decide which clothes to wear together.

Black and white works for every season and is always a powerful classic look.

Example to take you from travel, meeting to gala and then hit the pool:

Seen above- bellaBALAS black wrap jacket, tank top, dress in the bag, block black and white skirt, wide leg palazzo pant organza vest and a swim suit.