NEW YEAR stress free.

TIPS ON PURGING your closet for a NEW YEAR

The best way to unclutter your mind and start the new year is by purging your wardrobe. The question remains, has our wardrobe changed through this pandemic, or will we be getting back to our in-office or social lifestyle.

Let's consider that we will be returning to life as it was to purge for the 2022 year.

Cleaning out your closet can be a big task, and often people will avoid doing it altogether because it's emotional. Whether you're "back then jeans" or a very expensive blazer, these connections make parting with clothes tough. The secret to a successful wardrobe purge isn't disregarding these emotional ties: the key is to dissect your wardrobe piece by piece. Honestly, does that blazer still hold its impressive look, or will you get into those "back then jeans"?

Detoxing your closet can be done in a few steps.

Read on to find out how.

First....BE HONEST with yourself.

1. Start the CLEANSING

Start a proper closet clean-out by emptying it. Take clothes from the closet rods, out of drawers and off shelves. It is a great way to take inventory of what you have, uncover hidden gems, and eliminate items you will never wear.


Once everything's out of the closet, sort items into categories such as office, social, denim, workout, etc. You will analyze what is missing or realize you have outdated options.


-a pile to donate

-a pile to consign

-a pile to toss.

Also, consider creating a category for items you're not wearing because they need mending or tailored.

3. Establish a FOUNDATION

Now really, look at want you wear. Do you have a foundation wardrobe that goes with everything that is your dependable everyday go-to must have? The perfect foundation addresses the legs and top. Your foundation wardrobe should consist of quality classic black pieces that don't fade, pill or lose shape. Check out the classic foundation pieces from bellaBALAS. These are classic pieces that will never let you down.


Once you have your foundation wardrobe in place, the next step is to edit your wardrobe make a list of critical pieces that meet the needs of your lifestyle.

-your best fit

-your favourite

- your go-to power piece.

If the item doesn't fall into one of these categories, consider parting ways by putting it into its appropriate discard zone.

REMEMBER: HONESTY, will you wear this…..if it's a classic, consider boxing it.

We love these under the bed storage boxes for that classic piece you may need for a special occasion.

Embrace the "One In, One Out" Rule

We do not need new clothing every season.

Invest in quality foundation pieces that will last from season to season.

The one in/one out rule means you don't bring more items into your wardrobe unless you intend to part with an equal number.

I am saying GOOD LUCK and hoping I can live by my advice…… it's not easy, but the outcome is freeing.