HOW TO MAXIMIZE your concert wardrobe.

HOW TO MAXIMIZE your concert wardrobe.

Posted by bella BALAS on 2018 Apr 2nd

What's the PERFECT Concert Wardrobe?

Musicians tend to look for convertible wardrobes that are a collection of basic clothing that have classic lines and do not go out of style. Each item is functional and compatible with the entire wardrobe.

An ideal wardrobe will have a small number of quality items made from higher-quality fabric for longer-lasting garments. Fast fashion has no place in a concert wardrobe as the quality of the fabric does not stand to the test of nightly performances.

Having a bellaBALAS wardrobe that you can convert to many styles will simplify your life by investing in the foundation pieces that are right for you. Bamboo is expensive but it is worth the price. Bamboo fabric repels smells and regulates temperature. Bamboo fabrics are excellent at wicking sweat and does not hold on to odors,far less washing. Bamboo does not fade, pill or shrink providing you wash your garments in cold water and hang to dry. They will last forever.  Bamboo fabric is bio-degradable.

The bella BALAS wardrobe is  milled and manufactured in Canada from BAMBOO fabric. It's the PERFECT WARDROBE.

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