Who would have thought that a year ago when we were celebrating the holidays with family and friends, going to parties and wearing fancy clothes that one year later we would be facing a world wide pandemic and only celebrating with those in our households. The world has changed on so many levels from the way we work, to shop, to certainly the way we communicate with loved ones. The pandemic has taught me simplicity of life, patience and perseverance, for this I am truly grateful! Life has slowed down and it is so peaceful.

This past year has certainly been challenging for many and my hope is that we can get back to pre-COVID times sooner than later. The year has offered many lessons, reflections and certainly sad times.

For me, 2020 has been the BEST year yet and has brought me the greatest joy and happiness, I became a “glamma/baboonya.” With taking on this role, I am experiencing a whole new level of love with the birth of my grandson Benedict. Embarking on “glamma hood” is a serious venture. I ask myself where has time gone and how can my baby have a baby? Watching my daughter become a mother and loving her son so much is so precious.

During this past year, Bella has had to pivot into a new way of doing business. Who knew we would switch to dressing the face with masks and not bodies with glam. 2021 will be exciting and fascinating for Bellabalas as we streamline our fashion line and continue with our popular fundamental bamboo fashion pieces. Bamboo is so kind to our skin and bodies, I only wear bamboo. We will continue to take you our beautiful Bellas along on our continued journey of empowering women.

With life comes age, my beautiful womb mate/ twin and I are entering in to a new decade in 2021, we are so excited! The past decades has taught us so much and yet we have so much to learn, see and do.

My additional newest venture as GM at Nurse Next Door has blessed me with another level of learning and compassion for the aging population (believe it or not, we are all headed in that direction). In 2020, I took an end of life, Death Doula program to better understand the process of dying. One thing we will all face is death. Through Nurse Next Door, I have met amazing women in their 90s who have empowered me. Best of all, I have met an incredible woman who turned 100 in 2020, she is still working, on zoom meetings, texting and travelling, now that is true inspiration and motivation. In her mind, age means nothing! I will introduce her to you in the very near future.

On a health and mobility level, I am incredibly excited to let you all know that I am back in heels, YAHOO! Many of you know of my broken left ankle and left foot surgery, thankfully all on one foot. Well after three years of complete pain, swelling and anguish and having to wear open toe flats in the winter and birkenstocks to galas has now changed. Changed because no galas due to COVID lol. But on a serious note, I started on a daily turmeric tonic which I will share with you next time. So happy I didn’t throw my beautiful pointed toe heels out and so happy to be able to wear them again.

For 2021 my resolutions are simple, take care of my body and the rest will follow. The Universe gave me one house, my body and I must take care of it and keep it clean.

Please follow me (in heels) into this New Year with hope, inspiration, love and laughter.

Gratitude to all of you, our beautiful Bella sisterhood for your continued support. Until we meet again, stay positive and test negative. ~Daria