6  visual TIPS to BE THE CEO of your LIFE


Does your visual message match your verbal message?

Do you feel great when you are feeling confident like nothing can stand in you way?

We sell ourselves first visually.

Who do you need to attract for the success of your work life? 

You can help that attraction when you dress to show your personality, look credible, trustworthy, approachable and represent the brand of business you are in.

What you wear speaks so loudly, you don’t have to say a word!

1. Understand what’s appropriate in your industry.

2. Make sure your clothes fit perfectly.

3. Wear dark colors to portray authority.

4. Pay attention that your skirt hemline is appropriate for your leg shape.

5. Don’t over accessorize - invest in a top notch business bag.

6. Wear well-kept polished shoes that are the perfect reflection to your workwear.

....it goes without saying, keep you nails in good shape.