The Twins

bellaBALAS was created by wombmates Shawna Balas and Daria Balas Zmiyiwsky. The twins, Shawna the designer and Daria the promoter launched the fashion line in 2011. 

Shawna, a naturally gifted designer started designing unique women’s clothes and jewelry for private clients many years ago. Shawna with a unique fashion flare and style was born to design. 

Twin Daria, a naturally gifted promoter has held numerous positions in advertising, marketing, sales and promotions. The strengths of the twins are a strong foundation for a business. As they approached another decade, the twins started noticing the aging process - female body changes. 

They knew they needed to come up with a design that would make every woman look and feel beautiful regardless of age, shape or size. Daria asked Shawna to design her an off the shoulder top, exposing the beauty of the shoulders (shoulders don't wrinkle, age or sag...who knew?!), while covering the drooping arms and menopausal midsection. Shawna took it a step further and created a beautiful dress that can be worn over 50 ways. Through development the dress took on a life of its own and Shawna has designed additional pieces to complete the wardrobe. 

Bellabalas fashions takes women from desk to dust, cubicle to cocktails and work to wine dressing. The Bellabalas foundation includes the dress, the shoulder top, tank top and wrap jacket. The foundation collection is made of bamboo/lycra, the fabric is milled and dyed in Canada. In addition to milling the fabric in Canada, the wardrobe is designed and manufactured as well in Canada. The twins are proud to offer a 100% Canadian made wardrobe.


Our Mandate

Our mandate is to inspire versatility and functionality through design and sustainability through our fabric.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women by making every woman look and feel beautiful regardless of size, shape, age or demographic with the Bellabalas wardrobe.


Our Custom Design

Women love to be and look unique.

Designer Shawna will custom design your wardrobe or individual pieces for any occasion.