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The bellaBALAS eco-bamboo wardrobe was designed by women for women who need a multi-task wardrobe that works as hard as they do. The wardrobe takes women from DESK to DUSK to TRAVEL and everything in between. Our 100% Canadian owned company designs, mills, dyes and manufactures its fashion line while being consciously aware of reducing its carbon footprint. Combining glamour and comfort, the bellaBALAS wardrobe has been designed to be both timeless and ageless appealing to woman of any shape, size or age.

  • “ bellaBALAS has shown me that it was okay to be beautiful to embrace it, to empower myself and in return all you two ever ask is to pay it forward and empower other women and from that you two beautiful souls have created a quilt of colors and souls of some pretty amazing women all because you two made your dream a reality .... bellaBALAS fashion makes me feel and look beautiful! - Gia Masi
  • “ So glad bellaBALAS is an integral part of my life. I embrace not only the luxurious feel of the garments, but the style, class, and individuality they create on every woman. - Evelyn Mitchell
  • Katherine Page
    “ bellaBALAS designs are REAL wear for REAL women. Our lives are layered with the many roles we assume as mothers, partners, organizers, and professional women. It’s a welcome relief that when it comes to ‘dressing the part’ bellaBALAS works in the REAL world. - Katherine Page